Survive & Thrive in 2014

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There are a ton of analysts out there – but some are definitely better than others. We want to get you access to professionals with proven track records. People who can help you not only survive but thrive over the next year. Our goal is to make a very positive difference in your financial life at this pivotal time in history.

We will present a series of personal finance workshops and other opportunities to get your personal questions answered. The workshops have been a great success over the years with emphasis of building a bullet proof portfolio, reorganizing your mortgage to your best advantage, the top ETFs for 2014 and investing in private companies.

Here are a few of the speakers that you will hear from at these FREE workshops:

Michael Campbell Tyler Bollhorn Steve Deschesnes
Victor Adair Drew Zimmerman Marcin Drozdz
Andrew Ruhland  Janet Bullard  Chad Wasilenkoff
Dave Steele Chuck Downie Lindsay Bottomer
Thomas Beyer Frank Callaghan Adrian Banica
John Roozendaal Rob Levy