How Google’s Fitbit Acquisition Is Already Posing Some Problems

Posted by Jayson Derrick

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A certain number of Fitbit Inc FIT users aren’t happy the fitness tracker and smartwatch maker sold itself to Alphabet Inc according to CNBC.

What Fitbit Users Are Saying

Alphabet’s Google unit said in November it will buy Fitbit in a $2.1 billion deal to gain better exposure to the health and wellness space. Nultiple users have expressed privacy related concerns and have no interest in being part of the Google ecosystem.

A Fitbit user named Mike Carpenter told CNBC he’s concerned what Google will do with all the data it collects “once their AI advances in 10 or 20 years.” Google will have a trove of data that “health insurance companies would love to get their hands on.”

“I only recently got it and now I’m thinking I don’t need Google watching literally my every step or my every heart beat,” Fitbit user Dan Kleinman told CNBC….CLICK for complete article