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Ed Note: Below is a small excerpt from Mark Leibovit’s tremendous 11 page VR Gold Letter. The VR Gold Letter is published WEEKLY. This excerpt from 9/06/09.

Needless to say, it was an exciting week for precious metals and shares. The big story this week is the advance in gold, silver, and the mining stocks. For the week, GLD was up 3.9%, SLV was up 10.14%, and GDX was up 12.05%. These advances were in the face of a range bound dollar, so it is becoming evident that precious metals are being accumulated for their tangible value as an inflation hedge. Spot Gold touched 998.70 breaking out to the upside of a previously reported ‘wedge pattern’ which, at minimum, points to 1060.00.  However, looking at the huge reverse ‘head-and-shoulders’ pattern that stretches back to March, 2008 we can generate huge upside targets.  The calculation is based on taking the low of the ‘head’ and measuring the amplitude to one more ‘shoulders’ and then adding that value to the top of the ‘shoulders’.  One such target is 1300 and another is 1410.  For the measurement to kick in we would have to see all previous tops broken out accompanied by heavy upside volume.


From SirChartsalot.com

“The same weapons that Beijing is utilizing in order to re-inflate the Shanghai stock  market, are also working to lift the local gold market, challenging 6,800-yuan per ounce. On April 24th, Hu Xiaolian, head of China’s Foreign Exchange said in an interview that the country’s gold reserves had risen to 1,054-tons from 600-tons since 2003, – but still has only about 1.5% of its total assets in gold. China and Russia – two key nations with relatively low proportions of gold in their reserves, might be clandestine buyers – even if only soaking up gold from their own domestic miners which otherwise be shipped for export or sold locally.

Russia too, with only 2% of its assets in gold, has been making purchases from domestic output – and with Prime Minister Putin stating publicly that the country should hold 10% of its reserve assets in gold. Another key factor is the fate of the IMF’s program to sell 400-tons over the next three years. If the IMF’s gold is sold directly to one or a few central banks – with China, Russia, India, Brazil, or the Arab oil kingdoms mentioned as buyers, it would be a huge boost for gold’s position as a global currency.”


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