Emergency Gold Summit May 23 2013

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Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
Registration Opens: 6:30pm
Conference: 7:00pm
The Stanley Park Ballroom, Westin Bayshore Hotel, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

Michael Campbell, David Bensimon, Marty Armstrong, Mark Leibovit

From the desk of Michael Campbell:

Short notice…yes but the circumstances demand it. We’re holding the Emergency Gold Summit on Thursday evening, May 23rd in Vancouver. Space is very Limited.

On April 12, 2013 gold opened at $1561 and promptly dropped through short-term support at $1550 then through longer term support at $1520. One trading day later it closed at $1348, after hitting a low of $1310.

A 50% rebound of the drop is the probability on a technical basis and that’s what we are experiencing – in all probability followed by more short-term ups and downs as the market digests the dramatic drop. A move to the previous low at $1520 is not out of the question.

I don’t know about you but in the aftermath of the price collapse in both gold and silver and the extensive technical damage done to their respective charts I have an awful lot of questions.

  • Is the gold bull market over?
  • Or am I about to miss the buying opportunity of the decade?
  • Should I hold off on purchases because there new lows to come?
  • What about silver? Is the drop to $22 the bottom?
  • And what about quality gold stocks. I have been saying stay away since late September but come on, they are trading at the same prices as they were when gold was trading at $900. I want to know where are the buy zones according to the charts?

As I said, lots of question but where do we go for answers. First off, I don’t go to the people who have got this market wrong all the way down. Chances are they are part of the perma bull crowd and their analysis has not proven to be helpful.

Instead I want to hear what analysts who have been short-term bearish and better still suggested – with no guarantees, of course – that gold was vulnerable to a major correction.

(Forgive the personal pat on the back but I’ve been broadcasting and writing since the last week in September that I was out of gold because it was vulnerable to a 20% correction.)

So where did I go for answers? I immediately contacted David Bensimon in China, Marty Armstrong in New Jersey and Mark Leibovit in Phoenix.

At the live seminar with David in Vancouver last October, he forecast an immediate top for Gold at $1800 and sizable 20% drop to reach $1440 in mid-February. Gold did reverse right at $1800 and fell more than 10% over those 4-5 months. He then stated in his quarterly report to clients that the remaining distance from $1600 to $1440 was coming very soon with a possible extension to $1280, and Gold promptly collapsed all the way to 1320 in April. Back in October David also projected Silver to fall a dramatic 40% to $21 when most others were bullish. It took a bit longer than his February date, but Silver fulfilled his price target in April. [PolarView Special Report on Gold , April 2013]

I have invited David to the Emergency Gold Summit so you can hear his most recent thoughts on whether the declines are complete and what the outlook holds for the next few months and years. As a special treat for registrants, David is offering a 20% discount for his Special Report on Gold, highlighting what is happening right now in the weeks before the Emergency Gold Summit. Register now for the MoneyTalks event on May 23rd and you will receive a direct link to the special discount order page on David’s website www.polarpacific.com.

Martin Armstrong has been clear for the last two years that while the market would dictate ultimate price action – the trend remained down. His models warned that gold was not the place to be until late 2015 at the earliest. He has written consistently that the majority of gold analysts don’t understand the factors that move gold. Over the years I have learned to pay attention when Marty speaks.

That’s why personally, I want him to answer the questions above, so I’ll be doing a Q&A with Marty at the Emergency Gold Summit.

Mark Leibovit has been Timer’s Digest Gold Market Timer of the Year. What really impressed me about Mark is that I know he is a long term bull based on his dismay over the massive creation of money by the central banks but his analytical tools told him in the new year that the probability was that gold would see $1400 before it saw $1700. As a real pro, Mark understands that his opinions don’t matter, only the message of the market does.

I have talked to Mark recently. He predicted this bounce in gold but now he has some very interesting things to say about what’s next. At the Summit I am also going to ask him to give support levels for a half dozen major gold stocks in order to get a road map for potential buys.

There more timely information at the Summit but that’s it in a nutshell. Things have changed dramatically in the precious metals market. We’re in a pivotal time in the gold market that centres around the question – is the 12 year bull market over or is this a great buying opportunity?

Getting that answer right has huge implications for where investment dollars go. That’s why I’m putting on – in conjunction with High Performance Events – the Emergency Gold Summit on Thursday evening, May 23rd in Vancouver. Given I came up with the idea on Friday we’re working with a tight time line and as such we haven’t been able to secure a major space. At this point all we’ve got is a room that holds only 350 people.

Final Point

There are a ton of opinions on gold and silver right now but my stated goal is to get you access to professionals with proven track records. Of course I understand that’s no guarantee that they’ll be as accurate going forward but these are the people I want to hear from – right now.

Here’s my bold prediction. With such limited space this event will sell out. I look forward to seeing you there.



P.S. Yes, I’m hugely interested in educating our younger generation and to that end we have a special offer for students. But with such a small venue I only have enough room for 25 student tickets- so if you buy and ticket and want to bring a student along please let us know and we’ll reserve them a seat.

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