2021 WOFC Small Cap Workshops

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Own a Unique Piece of the Digital Media Transformation – VIQ Solutions

Effortless Advertising – Invest in Digital Marketing – AdCore

Back Better Than Ever: Successfully Weathering the Energy Market Storm – InPlay Oil

Own an Entire Palladium District in Brazil – ValOre Metals Corp.

Canada’s Largest Seniors Care Pharmacy Provider – CareRx

Lots More to Come – Building on the Copper-Gold Discovery at MPD – Kodiak Copper

Leading Semiconductor Technology Company – Growing in Canada – Photon Control

The Electric Vehicle Revolution & Investing in Graphite – Lomiko Metals

The Bank of the Future is Now – Opportunities in Finance and CyberSecurity – VersaBank

Home Respiratory Equipment – Investing in a US Market Leader – Protech Home Medical

Unlocking Brazilian Natural Gas – The Story of a Canadian Producer – Alvopetro Energy

Presenter: Sebastien Paré of VIQ Solutions
Website: ViqSolutions.com
Email: viq@htir.net

Presenter: Omri Brill of AdCore
Website: Adcore.com
Email: martijn@adcore.com

Presenter: Doug Bartole of InPlay Oil
Website: InPlayOil.com
Email: DougB@Inplayoil.com

Presenter: Jim Paterson of ValOre Metals Corp.
Website: ValoreMetals.com
email: dustin@discoverygroup.ca

Presenter: David Murphy of CareRx
Website: CareRx.ca
Email: lawrence.chamberlain@loderockadvisors.com>

Presenter: Claudia Tornquist of Kodiak Copper
Website: KodiakCoppercorp.com
Email: khenderson@kodiakcoppercorp.com

Presenter: Nigel Hunton of Photon Control
Website: Photoncontrol.com/
Email: ir@photoncontrol.com

Presenter: Paul Gill of Lomiko Metals
Website: Lomiko.com
Email: apaulgill@lomiko.com

Presenter: David Taylor of VersaBank
Website: VersaBank.com
Email: lawrence.chamberlain@loderockadvisors.com

Presenter: Greg Crawford of Protech Home Medical
Website: ProtechHomeMedical.com
Email: cole.stevens@myphm.com

Presenter: Corey Ruttan of Alvopetro Energy
Website: Alvopetro.com
Email: ahoward@alvopetro.com and cruttan@alvopetro.com