2021 WOFC Precious Metal Investing Workshops

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The World’s Most Successful Pre-Resource Gold Explorer – Great Bear Resources

Add Canada’s Newest Gold Mine to Your Portfolio – Victoria Gold

More to Come – Gold & Silver Discoveries in Mexico – Prime Mining Corp.

The Sweet Spot – The Best Time to Buy A Junior Mining Stock – Alianza Resources

Building a Mid-Tier Gold Producer: Less Risk & More Return – Calibre Mining

Saskatchewan Gold – You Bet: The Best Potential Gold District in Canada – SKRR Exploration

A Pathway to Production: Fast Tracking the Copala-Panuco Silver-Gold District – Vizsla Resources

Gold in Cambodia – A First Mover Advantage – Angkor Resources

District Scale, High-Grade Gold Projects in Newfoundland – Exploits Discovery Corp.

The Best Gold Investment Model: Own The Royalties – Elemental Royalties

Idaho Champion – Drilling 2 Fully Funded Gold Projects – Idaho Champion Gold Mines

Eureka! Gold Exploration in Southern California – K2 Gold

The Hunt for Massive Gold-Copper Deposits in Australia – Inflection Resources

Go Where The Gold Is: Where Canada’s Top Geologists Are Looking – Ethos Gold

Exploring the Best – Gold in Canada’s Abitibi Greenstone Belt – Genesis Metals

Add a Multi-Million oz Deposit in Nevada to Your Portfolio – Allegiant Gold

Presenter: Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources
Website: GreatBearResources.ca
Email: rbennett@greatbearresources.ca

Presenter: John McConnell of Victoria Gold
Website: VGCX.com
Email: investors@vgcx.com & ceo@vgcx.com

Presenter: Andrew Bowering of Prime Mining
Website: PrimeMiningCorp.ca
Email: atsakumis@primeminingcorp.ca

Presenter: Jason Weber, P. Geo of Alianza Resources
Website: AlianzaMinerals.com
Email: jweber@alianzaminerals.com

Presenter: Ryan King of Calibre Mining
Website: CalibreMining.com
Email: rking@calibremining.com

Presenter: Sherman Dahl of SKRR Exploration
Website: SKRR.ca
Email: rmatthews@integcom.us

Presenter: Michael Konnert of Vizsla Resources
Website: VizslaResources.com
Email: info@vizslaresources.com

Presenter: Stephen Burega of Angkor Resources Corp.
Website: AngkorResources.com
Email: sb@angkorgold.ca

Presenter: Mike Collins of Exploit Discovery Group
Website: Exploits.gold
Email: chris@greenwood.capital & mike@exploits.gold

Presenter: Frederick Bell of Elemental Royalties
Website: ElementalRoyalties.com
Email: dustin@discoverygroup.ca

Presenter: Jonathan Buick of Idaho Champion Gold Mines
Website: IdahoChamp.com
Email: nkonkin@idahochamp.com

Presenter: Alex Heath of K2 Gold
Website: K2Gold.com
Email: dustin@discoverygroup.ca

Presenter: Alistair Waddell of Inflection Resources
Website: InflectionResources.com
Email: bzerb@inflectionresources.com

Presenter: Alex Heath of Ethos Gold
Website: EthosGold.com
Email: tmartin@ethosgold.com

Presenter: David Terry of Genesis Metals
Website: GenesisMetalsCorp.com
Email: dustin@discoverygroup.ca

Presenter: Peter Gianulis of Allegiant Gold
Website: AllegiantGold.com
Email: peter@allegiantgold.com