Michael Campbell is one of Canada’s most respected business analysts. He is best known as the host of Canada’s top rated business program – MoneyTalks. Each week, Michael and his guests track financial trends and investment markets to help listeners survive and thrive in today’s tumultuous environment.  

Michael is also Senior Business Analyst for Global News in BC, and author of the national bestseller “Cooking the Books with Mike: 50 Recipes for Instant Financial Success”. 

Mike is an economist educated in Canada and the UK, trained in New York, worked in the investment business for 10 years, and been a successful business owner.  He says that making far too many amateurish investing mistakes and enduring the ups and downs of operating a large manufacturing company gives him an important perspective on the real world of business and finance.  

Michael is also very active  as a volunteer in the community, currently spending countless hours on the executive of the B. C. Special Olympics. 


Martin Armstrong, 

Armstrong Economics

Martin Armstrong is the Founder of Armstrong Economics which provides analysis for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis possible. Mr Armstrong developed the Economic Confidence Model, which focuses on the impact of the 8.6 year business cycle on the world economy. Armstrong Economics uses this model to provide an integrated understandable global model approach that is free of personal bias, bravado, or other nonsense to enable you to see the inherent inner-workings of the world economy to grasp how everything is truly integrated into a single enterprise driven by international capital flows. Martin Armstrong is the subject of the movie The Forecaster.


Mystery Guest, 

A Behind the Scenes Look at Canadian Policy Decision Making

Michael will be joined on stage by a secret guest with extensive knowledge and experience of what’s really going on in the halls of Canadian political power – provincially, federally and internationally. An exclusive, fascinating, no-holds barred conversation.

Victor Adair

Victor Adair began trading markets as a university student over 50 years ago. He subsequently had a 44- year career as a commodities broker and stockbroker, where his primary business was corporate risk management using exchange-traded derivatives. Victor retired from the brokerage business in 2020, but still actively trades in the derivatives markets. He has been a regular analyst and occasional host of the MoneyTalks show for more than 20 years.


Paul Beattie

BT Global

Paul Beattie has over 30 years as a professional in finance with extensive international experience. He earned an MBA from INSEAD, France and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Queen’s University, Canada. Paul co-founded with Jacques Lacroix the investment firm BT Global Growth in 2006.

Mr. Beattie began his career as Investment Banker and was involved in a diverse range of advisory assignments and capital markets activities including M&A mandates and new equity issues for Canadian clients with private and public financing on these transactions exceeding CAD $850 million.


Aaron Dunn, BComm, CIM, CFA – Serves as Senior Analyst at Keystone Financial one of Canada’s only independent stock market research advisor firms. Mr. Dunn is considered an expert at uncovering Canadian Dividend growth stocks and serves as head analyst for KeyStone’s Income Stock Research Service. He is a regular guest on BNN and Canada’s number one financial radio show MoneyTalks with Michael Campbell.

Benj Gallander Caricature

Benj Gallander, 

President, Contra The Heard Investment Letter 

The Globe and Mail wrote “Benj Gallander is widely considered to be Canada’s top authority on contrarian investing. ”  In the best-seller “Market Masters: Interviews with Canada’s Top Investors”, Benj was #1 of 28 people on the list. Meanwhile, his portfolio at Contra the Heard Investment Letter had an annualized return of 19.1 percent over 10 years.  He authored three best0selling books, two in the stock market sector and The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide.  Six of his plays have seen the stage. He is a co-founder of one of Canada’s largest performance festivals, SummerWorks, which celebrated its 33rd anniversary.

Benj was a regular on BNN for almost 20 years. In addition, he appeared every couple of weeks on CBC’s On the Money with Peter Armstrong, talking about topics such as marijuana, crypto currencies and AI.  Benj is also on the Boards of some public companies. He has traveled to over 35 countries, working in many of them.


Keystone specializes in uncovering, before the broader market, under followed small to mid-sized companies that are financially sound and producing solid growth in both revenues and earnings. Mr Irvine has annually presented conference attendees with the World Outlook Conference Small-Cap Portfolio which was up over 32% in 2013, 86% in 2012 and 60% in 2011.


Ozzie Jurock

President of Jurock Publishing Ltd (since 1993), Ozzie Jurock (FRI) is the author of Forget About Location Location, Location, What, When, Where, and How to Buy Real Estate in Canada and The Real Estate Action Book. Ozzie is the only Canadian real estate advisor featured in Donald Trump’s book: Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies. Ozzie is also featured in a prominent chapter in the US Bestseller The Trendsetters.


As a 40-year veteran of the Canadian Investment Management Industry, Josef Schachter has experienced several exceptional and turbulent global economic and stock market cycles. With his primary focus on the Energy Sector, Josef is able to weave global political, economic and monetary issues with current energy data into a compelling story of what’s going on in the sector, what is to come, and why.

After Providing Oil & Gas Research for Institutional Investors for over 15 years, Josef launched the Schachter Energy Report in April 2017 to provide crucial energy investment information to individual investors. He sees a vibrant new Energy Bull Market beginning in 2019 and believes that the time to become fully invested in energy is NOW! The Schachter Energy Report Coverage List includes 31 Energy and Energy Service Companies.


Prior to joining Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Dr. James Thorne was most recently chief capital market strategist and senior portfolio manager at a leading independent investment management firm. He also held various senior investment management positions in the U.S., including chief investment officer of equities, managing director and chief capital market strategist. During his tenure he developed small, mid and large-capitalization investment strategies, which employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis and achieved top-quartile performance. Dr. Thorne received a Ph.D. in economics in the fields of finance and industrial organization from York University and worked as a professor of economics and finance at the Schulich School of Business and at Bishop’s University.


Greg Weldon

Weldon Financial

Greg Weldon is in his 30th year observing and analyzing the global financial markets. His pedigree includes a trial-by-fire introduction to the industry as the point-man in the COMEX Gold and Silver pits. He left the floor to move into institutional brokerage, and on to hone his skills as a trader, purveyor of macro-markets and portfolio-risk manager. In 1997, Greg started Weldon Financial, and launched “Weldon’s Money Monitor”, and “The Metal Monitor”, products that have more recently evolved into the all-encompassing “WeldonLIVE (with TradeLAB).” Greg has sucessfully navigated some of the most treacherous markets in history, most often guiding clients into macro-market trends and profitable trading strategies, repeatedly, year-after-year, over the 18-year history of producing top-shelf, thought provoking, global-macro market research. Greg authored he book “Gold Trading Boot Camp”, published in November of 2006, in which he very accurately predicted that the US credit markets would implode, that the Fed would purchase trillions of dollars of US government debt, and that Gold prices would more than double from their then-level of $550 per ounce.

Martin Straith

Martin Straith, Trend Letter

Martin Straith is the founder of Trend News Inc., publishing since 2002 with readers in over 45 countries. Their three services: Trend Letter, Trend Technical Trader & Trend Disruptors, are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable research that is easy to action for the average investor. The goal of  the Trend News is to point out trends, not opinions, and to assist investors with understanding the global flow of capital, and how currency, bond, equity and commodity markets are all connected, providing investors and excellent path to success. 

Tony Greer Caricature

Tony Greer, Owner & Operator, TG Macro

 * due to family scheduling conflicts, Tony will no be joining us live, but has kindly agreed to provide a presentation exclusive to ticket & video buyers, post-conference. 

Greg Tony Greer founded TG Macro in August of 2016 to create an independent research firm where he could combine 25 years  in trading and 15 years writing a daily newsletter into one analytical platform.  Tony provides fundamental, technical and behaviroural analysis of global markets to a group of institutional clients and a personal subscriber base. 

Tony established himself as a macro market analyst for what he believes will be the next iteration of the Wall Street ecosystem.  Tony’s style has led him to become a lauded contributor on Seeking Alpha and Real Vision.