Why Invest in Silver instead of Gold

Posted by John Waggoner - USA Today

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When gold hedge won’t do, consider investing in silver

If you’re a gold investor, you have to be worried about an unwonted outbreak of good news. What if the economy doesn’t enter hyperinflation? What if peace breaks out, or the world’s terrorists scare themselves to death?

Gold rarely thrives on good news, so you might consider adding silver to your portfolio. Like gold, silver is a good investment if paper money collapses. But unlike gold, silver is also an industrial metal, and demand for silver should rise in an economic recovery.

As an added bonus: An ounce of silver is far cheaper than an ounce of gold. Like gold, silver is widely used as a medium of exchange when paper money loses its value. It’s a good store of value, and easier to carry around than chickens or canned hams. Silver and gold have been rising in the past few years, and with good reason:

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