Who’s missing something here?

Posted by John Ross Crooks - Black Swan Capital

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“So lending is great and we can see how it further enhances the progress of the human antfarm, but how do we decide who gets to use the money that is saved? It should be obvious to realize that it is in society’s best interest that superior ideas and productive plans be paired with the resources needed to implement them. Societies that lend their saved resources to good ideas like Joe’s will grow more prosperous and powerful compared to societies that squander their resources by making them available to someone like Bob so they can implement their silly and less beneficial or destructive ideas. The efficient pairing of savings and socially beneficial ideas is where interest rates play a key role …”  – Jorge Besada    

FX Trading – Reader Mailbag: Who’s missing something here?

“I bring your attention to the area circled in red, 2002-2004. This is when public corporations were noted to have begun saving and, in turn, sacrificed investing. See the year-over-year change in Corporate Profits during that same period, below:”


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