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Posted by Peter Grandich - Agora Small Cap Epicenter

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Update From Vancouver

No rain today (tonight is expected to be another story) so hoping to head up to Whistler for the day.

U.S. Stock Market – Yesterday’s late day sell-off was the first of its kind in quite awhile. The market has not had a 10%+ correction since the March lows. We’ll need to watch the next couple of days to see if one has finally arrived. Whether it does or not the market continues to “melt-up” and my target of DJIA 10,500-11,000 remains intact.


U.S. Dollar – In 25 years+ in this business, I can’t recall any single market having such an overwhelming number of bears (95% bears in U.S. Dollar Futures) and not see a reversal of some magnitude. There are just so many legitimate bearish factors continuing to pile up against the U.S. Dollar. The only hope for some counter-trend rally to begin would come IMHO if the U.S. Dollar Index could close above 78. Until such time, the path of least resistance remains down.


Gold – Sorry for the bad language but if you’re a bear you have to be poo-pooing in your pants right about now. Despite widespread bearishness not only from the usual wrong suspects, many former bulls became weak kneed or outright bearish and continue to see the market move away from them. Gold has shown tremendous internal strength by actually self-correcting intra-day by selling off only to come roaring back. Today so far has been no exception. We’re in a secular bull market that has been “stealth-like” and despite being a few dollars from it’s all-time nominal high, gold remains hated and/or ignored by most. I LOVE IT!!!!


Oil – Oil indeed broke out above $76 and has $85+ written all over it. If it can get there with the DJIA also hitting my target, both could become shorts so stay tuned.


U.S. Interest Rates – Going much higher over time!


I’ve met with a few companies so far on my trip and here’s a summary of those meetings as of now:

Effective immediately, I’ve resigned my position with ATW Gold. I’ve said over and over again that management is the key for a junior’s ability to be the one in ten that makes it. While I have considerable personal respect for Graham Harris of ATW Gold, I believe his management team has not done the job. While I believe Graham will try hard to right the ship, the bottom line is they lost the confidence of shareholders, myself and the market in general. I think there are too many others who offer better opportunity at this time and one should recognize this and move on.

I had a terrific meeting with the management of Evolving Gold. Yesterday’s drill results IMHO strongly suggest that they have true home-run potential. I no longer think the question is DO they have something but HOW BIG will it end up? Management agreed with me that they have room for improvement on the corporate communication side of things but don’t let that be a knock against them. Remember, they’re the very same management team which has discovered and is developing what 99% of all other management teams can only dream about. I CONTINUE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING UNDER A BUCK IS AN AGGRESSIVE SPECULATIVE BUY.

Met with Hunter-Dickinson management and had great updates on Farallon, Taseko, Northern Dynasty and Continental Minerals. With great bias I must tell you in all my years associated with HD, I never found them as confident in one of their deals as they are with KMK. I was there when they received an update from KMK’s CEO from China and I truly believe if they could do cartwheels they would have. I know that sounds like hype but it’s truly the mood I felt at the time. The fact that their former lone major shareholder is crying the blues only makes my belief more likely that a takeover is coming IMHO. Stay tuned!

I had an in-depth update on Sunridge Gold. They have all the makings of becoming the next Nevsun. Company is on European road show. I’m told to look forward to lots of news flow.

Must Watch! For all those who make fun of people like me and others that speak openly about the U.S. government’s “Working Group”, I strongly suggest you watch this video.

God Bless!