US Dollar Whale Meets Gold Harpoon

Posted by Stewart Thomson via 321Gold

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1. You have just watched the “gold punisher” administer an incredible eleven day beating on the US dollar.  From about $1478 to $1610, gold has now risen 11 days in a row.

2. Click this gold chart link now to view (a larger image) the beating, and to view the four buy points  you need to be prepared to respond to, if price declines to those areas. In particular, the approx. prices of $1595, $1578, $1560, and $1535 are where you need to be prepared to buy “enhanced” amounts of gold, with US dollars.


3. Use horizontal support to decide when to buy, and all other technical analysis to tweak how much you buy. If you try to use oscillators like RSI & MACD to decide when to buy, you will be financially destroyed over time.

…read points 4 – 24 HERE