Urgent gold update: Monetary crisis hitting hard!

Posted by Larry Edelson -Uncommon Wisdom

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Larry here with an urgent update on the exploding gold market.

Early this morning, gold surged an ADDITIONAL $15.71 per ounce … soaring to an intraday high of $1,364.77 … busting all historic records.


And also this morning, silver skyrocketed to $23.49, with the biggest trading volume in over a decade!

Now, as we get into today’s later trading hours, both precious metals have suffered a sharp — and totally normal — correction, which could continue for a while longer. But don’t let anyone fool you: This week’s market action — with the dollar crumbling and gold soaring — is a major warning shot that all is not well in the world. Period.

That’s especially true since nearly everywhere you turn in the world right now — whether it be the U.S. … Europe … Japan … or even China — central banks are starting to print money like mad.


Considering what’s happening in the markets — and with what could be the most important mid-term elections in history now just 17 trading days away — you need some hard answers:

How will the new Congress impact gold, silver, stocks, bonds, and other investments?

What are the hidden dangers ahead?

Most important, what are the most exciting new profit opportunities?

Our video, just recorded from our live online event, gives you the answers. It’s our way of giving you a huge advantage over other investors: With advance, accurate, actionable clues on how Congress is about to change.

In this historic new video, we reveal …

  • The most likely results of the upcoming elections — what the new Congress will look like …
  • How massive changes in Washington will impact the U.S. economy …
  • How U.S. stocks, gold, foreign currencies, oil and other investments will react …
  • The new dangers to your wealth that you’re likely to face in the months ahead, and …
  • How you can USE these trends to grab substantial profit potential beginning right now!

Plus, at near the end of this crucial strategy session, we invite you to claim a $300 “Thank-You” just for watching!

But the investment intelligence in this historic video is far too timely for us to leave it online past THIS coming Sunday. And when this all-important video goes offline, your $300 “Thank-You” for participating ALSO expires!

So, if you missed any part of this historic video or want to watch it again, turn up your computer speakers and click this link while it’s still available. But you’ll need to hurry.

P.S. After you’ve watched the video, be sure to click this link to read our special report for more instructions on how to protect your wealth and profit.

Best wishes,


About Larry Edelson

With nearly three decades of experience in precious metals and natural resource markets, Larry Edelson has played a pivotal role in training Weiss Research staff and in guiding Weiss Research’s customers to prudent investments in these sectors.

His Resource Windfall Trader and Real Wealth Report provide a continuing education on natural resource investments, with recommendations aiming for both profit and risk management. His team of technical analysts helps enhance the timing of investment recommendations with the aim of continually improving performance results for investors.

Mr. Edelson is also an accomplished analyst and writer, making substantial contributions to Weiss Research’s Safe Money Report and Uncommon Wisdom.

He holds a B.A. degree from Columbia University. Mr. Edelson got his start on Wall Street in 1978. By 1980, he had his own firm active in international brokerage, financial analysis and money management.

In the mid-1980s, Mr. Edelson was one of the largest gold traders in the world, responsible for as much as $1.4 billion in daily gold trading volume on the Comex in New York, in today’s dollars. Mr. Edelson also managed several multi-million-dollar natural resource and commodity-based private investment funds.

Widely respected throughout the financial industry for his forecasts, Mr. Edelson has successfully called nearly all the major turning points in the world’s macro-economic trends, including …

  • The Stock Market Crash of 1987 and its subsequent rally to new highs by 1990.
  • The 21-year bear market in precious metals.
  • Major turning points in the currency markets, including the now multi-year-long decline in the dollar.
  • The peak of the stock market bubble in 2000.
  • The new bull market in natural resources that began in 2001.

One of the only analysts in the world to correctly identify in 2004 the start of the major bull markets in Asian economies and stocks.

Frequently quoted in international press, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CBS MarketWatch and more, Mr. Edelson travels extensively through Asia each year, bringing his followers first-hand analysis and accounts of the vibrant emerging economies.

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