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Posted by Peter Grandich - Grandich.com

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U.S. Stock Market – The market appears to want to trade back up to the top of the trading range but as we get closer to November elections, I suspect we can see a break below the bottom of the trading range as the economy slips back into recession.

A rumor I’ve heard from some credible sources is the Obama administration is considering a plan that effectively would end up having Uncle Sam back all outstanding Fannie and Freddie mortgages if the banks take a 10% hit on the principle amount. If true, this may give a short boost to the markets but I think if there still was a straw to break the camels back, this would be it.

Gold and Silver – Both metals are knocking hard on the door to breakout highs. We saw some of the best two-way action in both metals yesterday and I suspect more of that today. Whether we break through now or we witness one of those sharp short-term dumping’s and then rally back, the bottomline is we’re going much higher IMHO. The gold perma-bears only have this in their future.

U.S. Dollar Index – I believe it’s rolling over and should be testing key support around 80 in the 4th quarter. I continue to greatly favor the Canadian Dollar and it’s the only truly fiscally sound Country in the G-7


U.S. Bonds – While this CNBC anchor person made a complete fool of her self (that seems to be part of the job requirement for most at CNBC), the guest she targeted her tirade at made some very valuable points about bonds.

Oil and Gas – I continue to ignore these two all together.

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