Trouble in China

Posted by Jack Crooks - Black Swan Capital

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Maybe Google Knows Something….
Notes from the 2009 Central Propaganda Department in China:

C. Currently, our country’s main internal contradictions (conflicts) are:

i. Mass incidents caused by changes in businesses.

ii. Problems with ex-members of the armed forces. The central government requests: they must be well taken care of, every effort must be made to resolve their difficulties, and it is necessary to prevent them from being used by hostile  forces.

iii. Irregularly petitioning for redress. It is the right of citizens to petition higher levels of government; however,using irregular means of petitioning for redress influences social stability.

iv. Large scale mass incidents caused by demolitions and the taking of rural land.

v. Large scale mass incidents caused by serious criminal activity. For example, multi-level marketing schemes and illegal fundraising.

D. The challenges to social stability brought by the widespread use of the

FX Trading – Party on dudes…
Question: Is it a Black Swan event when so many people are already talking about it?
No, but the China cheerleaders will say it is so…

DJ Shanghai Stock Index Weekly: Divergence?  Stay tuned. 

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