Three things About the Markets

Posted by The Pragmatic Capitalist

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Three Things I Think I Think

  • The impact of the current downturn could be shaping up to have some interesting long-term ramifications.  This is now the second market crash in less than two years and could be shaping up to be the third time small investors have been seriously burned in a decade.  You have to wonder how comfortable the small investor is in this market now.  The game must appear entirely rigged to an unsophisticated investor and the accusations of a system error during yesterday’s trade has to make some people wonder why they are putting their hard earned cash at risk of a massive computer glitch. Investors were just beginning to feel comfortable about the economic recovery and then whoosh!  -1,000 points in one day.   I don’t know exactly how this will impact prices in the long-term, but my guess is that the small investor is growing increasingly frustrated with the equity markets.  This can’t be good for the long-term performance of stocks.

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