The Years Ahead

Posted by Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters

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The big trends are often the hardest to identify. They are best seen on monthly charts. For instance, examine the two monthly charts below. The first one is the Dow going back to 2000. The second is gold going back to the same year. Where would you rather have been, in the Dow or in gold? The monthly charts often tell the story when nothing else does.




What to do? As I see it, the coming years will be the opposite of the period since the early 1980’s. By that I mean that the years from the early 1980s were years in which our efforts were confined to “making money.” As Richard Russell sees it, the years ahead we will be concentrating our efforts on NOT LOSING MONEY. This will be very difficult. The essence of it will be finding the safe haven area. Off hand, I believe the ultimate safe haven area will be gold. The losing area will be currencies including the dollar, and very probably bonds and stocks. The recognition of what I predict will be long and tedious. Nothing will occur over-night.


Comment after the close: On my Big Three, bonds were lower, the Dollar Index was and Feb gold was up 5.30 to 1126.20. Gold may have hit bottom yesterday. March silver confirmed gold, up 0.008 to 17.18. CEF and GTU both closed higher.


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