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King-World-News-An-Ominous-Day-And-The-Coming-Storm-That-Will-Shock-The-World-864x400 c

King-World-News-An-Ominous-Day-And-The-Coming-Storm-That-Will-Shock-The-World-864x400 cMartin Armstrong’s Armageddon scenario looms as Fed has now lost control: $5,000+ gold anybody?

The man who forecast $5,000+ gold prices for 2016 back in 2009 (click here), and whose cycle model predicts a big disruption in global financial markets at the close of this month, has spoken out against the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates on hold last week.

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Richard Russell Warns Countries Are Now Preparing For A Collapse In Global Fiat Currencies And Panic Buying Of Gold

“This bear market (and I’m calling it one) has developed a case of internal erosion. Stocks are falling apart one by one as the big averages mask the damage. Bear markets are sneaky beasts and they like to do their damage as secretly and as unobtrusively as possible. I hate to say it, but somewhere ahead the bears are going to get together and the innocent little stream is going to turn into a waterfall.

What can you do about it?”

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Jim Rogers: The Best Opportunities are in Agriculture

“I will tell you, the whole Middle East situation is unbelievable. I cannot think of many times in history where you have so much just pure, pure chaos by so many people. I mean, it’s not as though there are one or two people making mistakes in the Middle East, there must be a dozen people making mistakes in the Middle East, and unfortunately, they are coming together more and more.

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