The surprise is to the downside ……

Posted by Jack Crooks - Black Swan Capital

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“Man’s life is a continuous whole: for good or evil, every day, year and decade of his life holds the sum of all the days behind him. He can alter his choices, he is free to change the direction of his course, he is even free, in many cases, to atone for the consequences of his past – but he is not free to escape them, nor to live his life with impunity on the range of the moment, like an animal, a playboy or a thug. If he is to succeed at the task of survival, if his actions are not to be aimed at his own destruction, man has to choose his course, his goals, his values in the context and terms of his lifetime. No sensations percepts, urges or ‘instincts’ can do it; only a mind can.” – Ayn Rand

FX Trading – The surprise is on the downside … this time.

A heck of a week for the buck so far, right?

Granted we still got a lot of time left before it sticks, but the weekly bar on a chart of the US Dollar Index looks rather impressive:

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