The Super Cycle in Fiat Money -are Western Nations going Bankrupt?

Posted by Dan Denning - Daily Reckoning Australia

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Are the Western Welfare States (the U.S., Japan, and EU nations) really going bankrupt? Things were headed that way before the credit crisis began. If Rogoff and Ferguson are right and the GFC is becoming a sovereign debt crisis, it will worsen an already bad situation.

How bad? We’ll show you three of the charts we showed the folks in Canberra on Sunday. This is the condensed version of a forty-five minute presentation. So we’ll have to leave out the colour commentary. And we’re pleased to offer another contribution from Dr. Steve Kates on how government policy is destroying public wealth.

But first, check out the chart below from the 2008 annual budget audit by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. It shows that the U.S. government must roll over $3.4 trillion in debt over the next four years. This $3.4 trillion does not include any additional borrowing that may be required for other government programs (wars, healthcare, wars, school lunches).


What’s the big deal? $3.4 trillion is a small number by today’s standards, isn’t it? Not exactly.

The chart shows how incredibly interest-rate sensitive U.S. government borrowing now is. Not only is it a big ask to ask the world’s creditors to continue funding such large deficits (there are only so many savings available to borrow, after all), but the interest expense on that debt is likely to go up as the fiscal position of America deteriorates.

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