The Real next big move….

Posted by Greg Weldon - Weldon's Money Monitor

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A brief comment from the extensive analysis contained in Weldon’s Money Monitor.


“And in terms of Anglo-currency action, we again turn the spotlight to the north and shine it on the Canadian Dollar, particularly given the tendency for the Canuck Buck to LEAD the US Dollar Index, as evidenced within the multi-year overlay chart on display below. Subsequently the preliminary upside breakout in the US currency versus the Canadian unit, at the very least, begs a cautious attitude as it relates to the US Dollar Index. 

We spotlight the ‘upside’ leadership (USD downside) shown by the Canuck Buck during the dollar’s bear move in 2005-2007 … AND … the fact that the Canadian Dollar ‘peaked’ (USD-CAD bottomed) nearly six months prior to the major low set by the USDollar Index during 2008, perhaps an ominous sign for perma-greenback-bears !!!!”


” … we still believe the Dollar is in the process of forging a significant low, and global stocks are in the process of forging a significant high. 

And we are staying alive, for the REAL ‘next big’ move, of which we got a
preview last Friday !!!!”


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