The Mother of All Bull Markets: Why Gold Will Go Above $11,000

Posted by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Beacon Equity

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In fact, I could make an analysis to show that the price of gold today is probably cheaper than when it was $300 per ounce based on the increase in government debt, based on the increase in monetary base in the United States and based on the expansion of wealth in Asia,” said Faber when ask of his opinion regarding the gold price.

Mr. Gold Jim Sinclair, 20-year veteran bond trader Paul Brodsky, Sprott Asset Mangement’s Eric Sprott, prolific financial author Stephen Leeb, and former Head of Princeton Economics Limited, Martin Armstrong, to name just several, all hold price targets of $10,000, or above, for the price of gold when the day that all fiat money finally squares itself with central bank reserve levels. Sounds preposterous?

Sinclair was laughed at by outsiders of the gold community in 1999 following his prediction of $1,650 for gold by 2010. Fewer pundits dare belittle him today for his $12,500 gold price forecast.

Especially after the gold price broke $1,000 per ounce in Mar. 2008, many pieces offering methods of value for an ounce of real money have littered the web, with all, save a few, calculating the long-term gold price to five-digits—at least! So far, Richard Russell won’t budge from his call for $6,000 for the yellow metal. But more time is all the 50-year veteran of the markets may need to come around to the thinking of James Turk and the gang.