PovertyGate: The Lavish Spending of Tax $’s by Your Moral & Intellectual Superiors

Posted by Michael Campbell

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$2,694 for a weekend in Disneyland for the family of one of the executives, $8,658 on Limousines, a hotel room for $894 a night including alcohol, flowers and spa services & a baby shower costing $917.  This is the kind of wild, astonishingly lavish spending by the senior management of a BC Government funded Charity that operates in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. This is a story you should know about. 

The results of an KPMG audit of this Charity are appalling, as this Charity spent close to a million dollars on luxury travel, world famous hotels, fine dining, liquor, hair salons, limousines, spa’s & flowers. It goes on & Mike makes the case for some serious action against this kind of abuse of Canadian’s tax dollars. 


Mike’s Goofy for March 22nd goes to Warren Buffett, find out why in this quick 2 minute roasting of Warren: