The Current Decline in GOLD is a Gift

Posted by Mark Leibovit - The VR Gold Letter

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Ed Note: Below is a very small excerpt from Mark Leibovit’s tremendous 11 page VR Gold Letter. The VR Gold Letter is published WEEKLY. This excerpt from 01/11/09.

Recall, I flashed TIMER DIGEST ‘Sell’ signal (for Stocks)  on October 15! TIMER DIGEST reports in its most recent edition (October 26), that I hold the #2 national Market Timer slot for the past 3 months!

Let me say, first, that the current decline in Gold (and other precious metals) is a GIFT!  It has been predicted by the Annual Forecast Model (above in his letter) and you should use any and all weakness to consider adding to your positions on the long side.  Assuming the Annual Forecast Model is ‘spot-on’ and we hit our nadir in late November or early December – all the better, but markets can turn early and we have to watch the chart patterns (including the formation of Positive Volume Reversals ™ carefully) between now and then.


The big picture remains the same.  I’ve often alluded to my ’ten-times’ rule, i.e., identifying that some markets increase by the power of 10, especially over a 10 or 20 year period.  The classic examples are the Dow Industrials from 1000 to 10,000 plus and home prices which in some markets increased ‘ten-times’, e.g., $50,000 to $500,000+.  Gold’s low of 290 back in 1999 multiplied by ten equals 2900.


I have read that noted trader/investor Paul Tudor Jones (a former subscriber to my newsletter) feels that “on a macro perspective how gold is not consumed but rather accumulated, and as a store of value as it has been a medium of exchange for over 5,000 years. Ed Note: read Paul Tudor Jones The Next Boom -Gold article  HERE.



From David Einhorn at Greenlight Capital (October 19, 2009) (posted in Mark’s 01/11/09 VRTrader Newsletter)

“In the context of the recent economic crisis, a highly motivated and organized banking lobby has demonstrated enormous influence. Bankers advance ideas like “without banks, we would have no economy.” Of course, there was a public interest in protecting the guts of the system, but the ATMs could have continued working, even with forced debt-equity conversions that would not have required public funds. Instead, our leaders responded by handing over billions of taxpayer dollars to protect the speculative investments of bank shareholders and creditors. This has been particularly remarkable, considering that most agree that these same banks had an enormous role in creating the mess which has thrown millions out of their homes and jobs. Like teenagers with their parents away, financial institutions threw a wild party that eventurally tore up the neighborhood. Government chose to bail them out, but then the question becomes, once you bail them out what do you do to discipline the misbehavior…..



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