The Crystal Ball

Posted by Mark Liebovit - The VR Gold Letter

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Ed Note: Below is a small excerpt from Mark Leibovit’s tremendous 12 page VR Gold Letter. The VR Gold Letter is published WEEKLY. This excerpt from 9/06/09.

Spot Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium all traded at new recovery highs this past week at 1025.10, 17.69, 1358.00 and 310, respectively.  Much of the strength could be attributed to weakness in the U.S. Dollar Index which touched 76.010 on Thursday. Ultimately, however, I feel the direction of the U.S. Dollar will have lesser impact on the price of Gold and other commodities as the U.S. Dollar diminishes in its role as theworld’s exchange currency.  Short-term, however, rallies in the U.S. Dollar could shake the trees and scare out weak holders.  We may be approaching such a position at this time as a Positive Volume Reversal ™ was formed in the U.S. Dollar Index ETF (UUP) and many Gold shares (listed below) formed Negative Volume Reversals ™ late last week.

Subscribers to my intra-day Platinum service know that I sold out all of my equity positions on Wednesday, September 16 ahead of Friday’s option expiration, the Rosh Hashanah holiday and this coming Tuesday’s Autumnal Equinox.  Though I am overall on a ‘Buy’ signal for Gold, as a trader I saw some risk and decided to stand aside.  We took handsome profits in the majority of our positions.  

The Annual Forecast Model has been ‘right-on’ in calling for strength during the current time period, but is also calling for a correction.

Though I would like to tell you the Annual Forecast Model can pick exact top and bottom dates, that is not the case and you have use some common sense investing or trading using it.  For now, I would assume we’re in or approaching a period where a pullback is in order, so please act accordingly, especially as my volume work is generating some Negative Volume Reversals ™ here. I am very pleased with the outcome of the Annual Forecast Model projection. Who else would have told you that you would see a high for the year in Gold in September when that forecast was published in January? If you know of that forecast, I sure would like to see it, but I assure you they didn’t draw you a picture.  A picture is worth a 1000 words!   If you sell Gold here and your gold shares, you have made money. I have done my job and the cost of this subscription was earned many times over.  This Model is the closest I have to a crystal ball and the ball has not gone fuzzy – yet!


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