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As a listener to Michael Campbell’s radio show, you’re probably not surprised that he has decided to host a workshop on the currency markets. Mike has always said one of the best indicators of market sentiment is the flow of capital. And one of the best ways to track capital flows is to follow the over US$4 trillion of daily activity in the world’s currency exchange markets.

And he doesn’t just pay attention because he is an economist and market commentator. Mike follows these markets because they fundamentally inform his investment choices, returns and overall success.

For more on Jack Crooks and Black Swan Capital go to BlackSwanTrading.com

So for the first time ever, with the help of our friends Jack Crooks and Victor Adair, Michael is preparing a seminar that will teach you how to follow and use these markets for your personal benefit. They will show you:

  • How these markets impact your current portfolio
  • How you can profit from that knowledge
  • How to invest in the currency markets with assurance and understanding

Sunday, October 27th
Calgary Telus Convention Centre
3pm to 5pm
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At the 2013 World Outlook Financial Conference in February Jack Crooks told us exactly how he would be trading the currency markets in the months ahead. If you followed him you would have:

  • Made 300% on a futures trade going long the US$ vs the Yen
  • Made 95% crossing the Yen against the British pound
  • Made 90% shorting the Euro later in May
  • Made 88% shorting the Australian$ in the face of slowing China growth


Price Description Ticket Video Purchase
$99 HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN CURRENCIES featuring Jack Crooks
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Added Bonus – an additional whole day of FREE workshops and seminars

When we decided to come back to Calgary to do the Currency Workshop we wanted to make the most of the day. With the help of our sponsors we will be offering much more on Sunday leading up to the main event.

We have invited a host of experts to provide very specific investment workshops and seminars starting at 9am and running through until 3pm – all designed to help you Survive & Thrive in these volatile and chaotic markets.

Larry Berman of BNN and Berman’s Call
Andrew Ruhland of Integrated Wealth Management
Chad Wasilenkoff, our Contrarian Investor
Tyler Bollhorn of Stock Scores
Steve Deschesnes of GPS
Thomas Beyer of Prestigious Properties
Rob Levy of Border Gold
Dave Steele of Western Canadian Mgmt.

And many more…….

And here is the best part….. we’re able to offer this at no extra cost! FREE!

So come down and make a full day of it. Check the sidebar buttons for more information or call our office toll free at 1.877.926.6849