Technical action by S&P & TSX was substantially bearish

Posted by Don Vialoux - Timing the Market

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Technical Action Yesterday

Technical action by S&P 500 stocks was substantially bearish. No S&P 500 stocks broke resistance and another 52 stocks broke support. The list of stocks was too long to include in this report. The Up/Down ratio fell from 0.66 to 9156/283=) 0.55.


Technical action by TSX Composite stocks also was bearish. No TSX Composite stocks broke resistance and four stocks broke support (Manitoba Telecom, Sherritt, Taseko Mines and Sino-Forest). The Up/Down ratio slipped from 0.92 to (85/95=) 0.89.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average has support at 9,757.55. A break below support completes a bearish head and shoulders pattern.


The Dow Jones Transportation Average has support at 3,983.18.


Interesting Charts
Two more S&P sectors broke key support levels:



Wheat and corn prices rose sharply yesterday following a crop report. The grain ETN (JJG) recorded a significant gain. The Ag sector is on the radar screen for a possible seasonal trade later this month if improving grain prices are sustained.



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