Sure Looks Like A Top? VIX, NYSE, DOW + 3 opinions on Gold

Posted by Chris Vermeulen - Richard Russell - Mark Leibovit

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Comment from Chris Vermulen

I think many of you will find this article interesting as I show several different indicators which point to an imminent correction for stocks and precious metals.

….read it all HERE


Comment from Richard Russell Dow Theory Letters Interesting — The Dow has been higher 14 out of the last 18 days. I’d say it was overbought.


Comment from Mark Leibovit week of March 22-26

Gold is oversold and some positive upside volume has materialized (as noted below in GLD).  Traders should now be long with stops under last week’s lows (on a closing basis only).  Cyclical work still calls for the potential of a huge upward spike in Gold over the next several weeks which could carry Gold back to or through the December highs.   Realize, however, that it will take more evidence to confirm such a move, i.e. a breakout in Spot Gold above 1146.20, so stay tuned!

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