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Posted by Peter Grandich - Agora Small Cap Epicentre

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U.S. Stock Market – I’ve been saying DJIA 11,000 is a question of when, not if. A pullback today is possible but the technicals suggest we can get even higher before it’s all said and done. This by no means suggests you go out and buy the market but instead prepare for the day the “Fat Boy” (not so fat these days and hopefully even thinner in the weeks and months ahead) from Freehold puts his bear suit back on.

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Gold and Silver – Disappointing to a degree that they were not able to break out as thought. But, after watching the paper hangers on the CrimeNex, nothing surprises me anymore. Bullish sentiment, especially among retail investors, has evaporated and a sense of inevitably lower prices seemingly has gripped these investors. I love it when a plan comes together. This is what has occurred for almost a decade in this secular bull market before we went to much higher levels and I believe it should do so again.

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U.S. Dollar – I continue to look for 83-84 on the U.S. Dollar Index and believe we can see it in the 2nd quarter.

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U.S. Bonds – Avoid!



Oil & Gas – No interest either side of things.





On Major Moves, Peter Grandich has been very right and not only saved many investors fortunes, but expanded them dramatically. On November 3, 2007 at the MoneyTalks Survival Conference, Peter Grandich of the Grandich Letter warned that “an unprecedented economic tsunami will hit American beginning in 2008”.   Peter advised publicly to short the US market two days from the top in October, 2007 and stayed short until the last week of October, 2008. He began to buy stocks in March 7th,  2009. He also bought oil and oil related investments near the lows after the dive from $147.
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