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Posted by Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge

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NYSE Margin Debt Surges To Highest Since February 2008, Net Speculator Leverage Second Highest Ever
The NYSE has released its monthly margin debt update for March. Not surprisingly, with everyone, and yes EVERYONE, chasing nothing but levered beta, margin debt surged to a fresh 3 year high at $315.7 billion, the highest since February 2008. But far more troubling is that when netting out positive margin balances such as Free Credit Cash Accounts and Credit Balances in Margin Accounts, the investor net worth, or alternatively net leverage, as it is defined, plunged by $18.2 billion to ($75.2) billion. This is the second highest net leverage ever seen on on the NYSE, only lower compared to the $79 billion hit at the absolute peak of the credit bubble in June 2007. We all know what followed after. Ironically, when this kind of mass hysteria happens in commodities the CME can’t wait to hike margins to cool those evil, evil speculators. It is only natural that the Globex will hike ES margins in 5….4….3…..
By Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge.com