Speaking of Manganese and Weird Metal’s

Posted by Gold Report, Energy Report and the Midas Report

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Bulk manganese specialist Helen O’Malley of London-based CRU sheds some light on the seldom-discussed metal. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, O’Malley offers her insights on the metal’s supply and demand fundamentals and discusses the manganese market, which is driven largely by China. She also highlights several junior mining companies on her radar……

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Betting on the Raw Materials

Energy Report’s Equities and Economics Report writer Victor Gonçalves says the cobalt story is still yet to come. In this exclusive Energy Report interview, Victor also explains how to tell the real rare earth companies from the wannabes.

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Puget Ventures One Step Closer to Becoming Canadian Cobalt Producer

via the Midas Letter:

At this very moment as you gaze at your laptop screen while your cell phone buzzes away in the background, there looms a potential future bereft of the glittering devices that have become a fundamental part of your life and an extension of yourself. You may not have known that there was a threat, in the form of a shortage of Rare Earth Elements used in electronics, to the continued existence of our beloved iPhones and iPads but it looks as though you can rest assured of being able to get your hands on the latest electronics in the future and you may have Puget Ventures Inc (TSXV: PVS) to thank for that.

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(Ed Note: Puget Ventures is an advertiser on Money Talks_