Analytical & World Economic Conference Speaker’s List

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Peter Grandich



Peter GrandichAs founder of Princeton Economics, Martin Armstrong oversaw the development of PEI’s economic models and computer systems and created the Economic Confidence Model, which focuses on the impact of the 8.6 year business cycle on the world economy. He is also the author of “The Greatest Bull Market in History”, a definitive 3-volume study of the world economy and financial markets since 1900. He was voted “Americas Top Economist” in 1990 by Equity Magazine.

Martin Armstrong has been called on by the Joint Economic Council of Congress to testify on economic issues, as well as the Brady Commission, where he was invited to share his views on the 1987 market crash (which he predicted using his computer models far in advance of the crash). Martin Armstrong has often been quoted by news organizations such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. He has also appeared on CNBC and other financial broadcasts sharing his views. Martin has devoted his time to analyzing financial markets, studying the history of business cycles, market crashes and world monetary systems.

In September, 1999, Martin was accused of securities fraud stemming from wild and unfounded allegations related to his business in Japan. After spending nearly seven years in civil contempt without a criminal trial Martin resolved his legal case with the US government in August 2006, but was not released from federal prison until March 2011. There are many more details about Martin’s legal case, and over time this web site will provide more information for your reference.

While in confinement, Martin Armstrong continued researching the world economy and typing reports on an old-fashioned typewriter with no access to a computer, Internet or email.

Martin Armstrong is now released under home confinement, where he plans to continue his research and publications.