Sloppy Main Stream Journalism taken to task

Posted by Lisa Van Dusen - Washington Bureau

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Sloppy and Biased – LISA VAN DUSEN Toronto Sun article August 9th

” The first big sign that this leg of health reform is a campaign and not just a debate came when the rent-a-ranters surfaced. They’re the passionately anti-(fill in the blank) protesters who wander the countryside disrupting meetings by bellowing gibberish and wearing inscrutable headgear so that television cameras will be diverted from the issue at hand, in this case fixing health care.

This is a campaign and not a debate partly because the Republicans have been wanting to re-run the one they lost last year. Falling back on the tactical and financial arsenal that has been used so many times so effectively to keep the health system as it is, is as easy as opening a kit. This time, there’s the twist of an ongoing series of race-based headlines to help the loudest rightie talkers rally the truly toxic anti-Obama fringes.”

Ed Note: Pick the group of rent-a-ranters: Homemade signs or Mass produced signs?

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Can’t tell yet? Great Photo-essay HERE.  Mark Steyn’s humorous take HERE.

Van Dusen Taken to Task beautifully by citizen (4 comment down  HERE🙂

Dear Ms Van Dusen:

1) Could you provide some evidence that the citizens who come to the Town Houses are not legitimately concerned about changing the health care system?

2)Could you provide some evidence that debate, discussion, questions and analysis, should not be a vital necessity when dealing with a change to a society’s economic and societal infrastructure that deals with at least 6% of its economy? (Ed: emphasis mine)

3) Do you agree with Mr. Obama that there is no need to read the bill? Or debate it? Or discuss it? That one should accept his Bill simply on the basis of TRUST in him?

4)  Could you provide some evidence and explanation of ‘race-based headlines’? What are you talking about? I’m sure you don’t mean the Gates affair, when both Prof. Gates and Mr. Obama inserted racism into what was not a racial incident. Therefore, – what are you referring to?

Thank you in advance for your comments to my questions. “

Will she answer? Probably not.