Reap what you sow

Posted by Thomas Beyer

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Real estate is heavily scewed to work UPFRONT: educate yourself, find the area, find the micro-location in a city, find a property, negotiate a deal, find a decent mortgage broker, find a decent lawyer, find an accountant, get the mortgage, find a property manager, do the right initial improvements, find JV partners .. MOST WORK IS UPFRONT (90% or so) .. but then it is downhill form there !

Similar to an airplane: 90% of the fuel is burned on the first few kilometers to get it to 30,000 ft .. then soaring / gliding for the next 1000 km .. then a bit more work / fuel for landing !

Some properties provide thousands of dollars per month cash-flow plus mortgage paydown plus at least some inflationary appreciation .. with perhaps 1-2h / month now .. but most of the heavy lifting happened 4-6 years ago !!

You reap what you sow !!

So, sow away big time now .. and reap lots later !!!

The article above courtesy of Prestigious Properties President Thomas Beyer.