Real Alternative Energy – Nuclear and Gas

Posted by Michael Berry Ph.D

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1. A Sustainable US Energy Future 
2. Europe Feels the Sting
3. Resource Nationalism (Submitted by Chris Berry)

It is becoming obvious to even the most casual observers that alternative, “Green,” energy is not price competitive. There are many issues that have cropped up as the world of Al Gore and John Brown rushed head long into alternative energy programs and then dropped unceremoniously off the cliff.  For the most part, none of these “alternatives” have been tested and found to be economic in large scale deployment.  It has been disappointing and injurious.  Not because the millions of President Obama’s “Green Jobs” have not materialized. Nor is it that the billions spent on “shovel ready” green projects were also a figment of the Administration’s imagination.  

Instead the build out of alternative energy technology is proving costly and deleterious to the environment on its own.  It will not be economically effective in solving energy dependence or our economic problems for decades. In fact it will impose a horrendous tax on all citizens for decades.   

For example each wind machine requires 5 tons of copper, half of which must be imported to the US.  Another requirement is cobalt and the US imports 80% of its cobalt needs.  Green energy will NEVER solve the world’s carbon problems or ease the self imposed guilt trip the populous has been brainwashed to accept.  Has it simply been a brilliant ploy for a government takeover of the energy space?  

Throughout human history we have seen many such deceptions and articles of faith. Recent examples of human hubris stand out including the unsinkable Titanic, the US Space Shuttle proposed to be everyman’s road to space, the Chunnel between Britain and France and President Nixon’s 1971 proclamation that solving cancer would require money and an effort comparable to the US landing on the moon. More recently, of course, global warming and the notion that humans control climate have become the bête noire, the latest example of extreme hubris.  Simply apply Western technology and capital and the problem will vanish.  No so fast.  Many think, with some justification, that the entire idea is a sham to contribute to world governance.  In part the recent thrashing of President Obama’s candidates in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts repudiates this entire program. Mom and pop are losing confidence quickly in this government fiasco.

Last week President Obama admitted, for the first time, that nuclear must be part of the equation by upping the nuclear budget by $18 billion to $54 billion. Southern Company will build 2 new (third Generation) nukes to be operable by 2016.  But to make a real impact we must mobilize in China-like fashion.  To have a positive impact on greenhouse gases nuclear electricity generation would have to increase from its current 20% to 33% of the total.  That would require another one hundred reactors. This is indeed a 30 year process.  

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