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Posted by Bob Moriarty: Comment by Richard Russell

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I Love Cheap Commodities

by Bob Moriarty Oct. 3rd 2011

‘ll admit it. I’m a contrarian. I love it when the “GURUs” and CHEERLEADERS have led their sheep to slaughter one more time and all they can bleat is “Manipulation, manipulation.”

Somebody told me once that making money was easy. You buy cheap and you sell dear. I worked out the math on my Bomar Brain and it worked. If you buy silver at say, $4, and sell it for $40 you make $36 or 900% on your investment. How wonderful is that? How could life get any better?

It can, actually. Because all the self-proclaimed GURUs and CHEERLEADERs were screaming BUY-BUY when silver was $50. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact most of them make a living selling silver; they weren’t really talking up their book because that’s how they make money. They were looking out for the best financial interests of their flock, I mean followers.

They should have been saying BYE-BYE because all those guys who believed in buying at the highest prices in history because silver was moving into “STRONG HANDS” can now wave bye-bye to their money.

Strong hands? Huh? How does that work? I thought the strong hands were the guys who wanted it when you couldn’t give it away. The guys who want to listen to cheerleaders and want to buy at market highs are the weakest of weak hands. You can guarantee a profit by selling to them anything they want.

If you want the most beautiful sell signal I have ever seen on silver, use the premium paid on the Sprott Paper Silver. It was 26% on April 25 and that was a profit opportunity of a lifetime followed by 25% premium on the 22nd of September, just before the monster crash.