Rare Metals Bonanza

Posted by Brian Hicks - Wealth Daily

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It’s a small chunk of land, about half the size of Rhode Island, located in a part of the world most people know nothing about.

Today, the heads of Toyota, Honda, and the Pentagon all share a common interest.

But they’re not the only ones watching. Venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, and resource companies from all over the globe are also watching and waiting. . . ready to pour billions into Greenland once they get the green light.
This coming January, when the Kingdom of Denmark relinquishes sovereign control over Greenland’s natural resources, the world’s biggest deposit of Rare Earth Metals (or REEs), will fall into private hands. . . for the first time ever.

This single site boasts deposits valued at an estimated $1.3 trillion. . . and yet, REEs are worth more than just money.

Which is why the world’s leading manufacturers of hybrid cars, wind turbines, batteries, and yes — even the guidance systems to our most sophisticated air and ground defense missiles systems, are watching the events in Greenland unfold with baited breath.

The elements that fall into the category of Rare Earths include:

  • Lanthanum – essential in the production of electric car batteries;
  • Terbium – without this element, high-strength magnets would not exist;
  • Erbium – makes possible a wide range of light-weight, high-strength metal alloys;
  • Thulium – makes high-frequency lasers a reality.
  • And once Greenland takes control of its mineral wealth, this land — totaling barely 800 square miles — is projected to supply 25% of the world’s entire REE market. . . for half a century.

To companies like Toyota and Honda, that have virtually staked their futures on the rapidly expanding hybrid/plug-in car market, and to our own defense industry, which cannot perform even the simplest task without highly-involved electronic assistance, this news could not have come at a better time.

Because for the last decade and a half, our greatest and most populous modern rival has been hard at work to corner the market on these vital elements.

And on April 17 of this year, with the signing of a single contract, the Chinese reached a record 96.7% global market share.

China’s “Dragon Metals”

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