“What we are Facing is still the Collapse of this Marxist state socialism”

Posted by Martin Armstrong - Former President of Princeton Economics

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by: Martin A. Armstrong

Former Chairman of Princeton Economics International, Ltd. and the Foundaton for the Study of Cycles.

Many people assume that because I am against Marxism, that this means I advocate soaking the poor for the benefit of the rich. To really understand the trugh of trends, if you are unvilling to examine the propaganda without the personal bias, you will never see the light of day. This argument between the rich vs the poor, has been so distorted and used to further other goals hidden beneath the surface, we get a lot of heated arugments with no substance. Unfortunately, if you will not examine the facts, then you are allowing those who will manipulated the real core of the people, get away with everything.

Let us examine what has really taken place under Marxism. Putting Russia and China aside, let us look at the Western nations who adopted Marxism under the label of “Socialism” or “Progressive Movements” post 1883.

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