“Trade of the Decade” Heats Up!

Posted by Eric Fry: Agora Editorial Director

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Uranium – Our “Trade of the Decade” Heats Up!

Profit Opportunities Continue

At the start of the year, your California editor dubbed uranium the “Trade of the Decade.”

Uranium may or may not be the Trade of the Decade, but it has been a pretty decent trade of the year. So far in 2010, the uranium price has soared 35% – triple the return of the S&P 500 Index.

The phrase, “Better lucky than good,” comes to mind…and your California editor never hesitates to give Lady Luck her due. But sometimes, good fortune germinates and blossoms from the seeds of timely analysis and insight.

Your financial market observers here at The Daily Reckoning did not simply toss their Trade of the Decade into the hat and walk away; they have continued to detail the bullish case for uranium – and for selected uranium mining companies – month after month.

Early in 2010, for example, Chris Mayer, the mind behind both Capital & Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations, penned no less than five Daily Reckoning columns advocating investments in uranium. The last of these columns, “Cameco Corp. is a ‘Buy’”, extolled the virtues of North America’s largest uranium miner. The stock has soared to 53% since then.

Taking the baton from Chris in mid-summer, Byron King, editor of Outstanding Investments, sang uranium’s praises in two additional Daily Reckoning columns, while also suggesting specific ways to play the trend. All three of the stocks he recommended in his October 25 column, “More Nukes!”, have jumped spritely during the last two weeks.


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