“Something Big is Happening”

Posted by James Dines of The Dines Letter

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Dawn of Commodity Imperialism

James Dines: My prediction in fact was the coming end of the age of jobs and it’s usually met by incredulity and understandably so. But the fact is there will not be enough jobs for everybody. The whole world is coming to a disjunction; this century is different from any other. You know we finally control the planet, we control the ability to destroy all life on it and we need to sit back and really think about what’s happening. There will not be enough to eat; we’re now at the coming age of what I call, the coming age of robots. America is dismantling its manned air force and womaned air force, and they’re replacing them with robots, with these cruise missiles. You know the whole world is moving towards eliminating jobs and there’s going to be something in the order of Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World coming. Something different, I still don’t have an idea but I think the capitalist model is broken. China instead of trading is going to be buying it – it’s not only China, its Japan and several other countries, Russia. Russia’s buying real estate all over the place; it’s not a racial thing at all. And we’re going to get a breakdown of the capitalist model and the communist model has been discredited, although China is changing from seizing the means of production, to buying it and they have enough money to do it – $3 trillion. So something very different, a new form of civilisation is knocking on our doorstep and I’m writing in the Dines Letter as to what that might be, trying to figure it out. And I’m watching it carefully, I know something big is happening I know something very big is coming, but I’m still trying to discern its shape in the hazy mist of the future.