“Gold Stocks vs Bullion: Battle Time!”

Posted by Stewart Thomson - 321Gold

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1. Repetition is one of the key building blocks of excellence. Factory owners know that replicating a small profitable production line with a big one is the key to massive expansion. Easier said than done.

2. Some say that repetition is boring, but if you ask a soldier in combat if repetition is boring, the answer is, altogether now, “No!”.

3. In the market, buying price weakness and booking profit into strength seems boring, until you actually do it. Then you find yourself in a near life and death battle with your emotions of greed and fear.

4. Martin Armstrong has wondered out loud whether gold stands to break upside out of the defining bull market up channel. Or, whether it stands to collapse back to $1000 before blasting to new highs.

5. Most gold market investors don’t have any tactics in place to handle either scenario, and are really counting on Lady Luck to carry them through the remainder of the bull market.

6. It’s very important that investors remain extremely calm and rational. When you handle large sums of money for people, and I do, you need to bring a level of professionalism to the table that takes into consideration the hopes and dreams of investors, while managing risk at the same time. Again, easier said than done. You cannot be ruled by your emotions. One mistake can create a huge catastrophe. I’m personally not interested in being involved in a market catastrophe, not at all, and I don’t subscribe to the mantra, “well, everyone is in the same sinking ship as I am”.

7. Here’s a wakeup call for those of you who feel you are missing out on gold’s move:

8. You are.

9. You failed to buy any gold on any correction for the past 10 years, and now the big money is in gold stocks, not gold bullion, and you are stuck in the bullion trough, stuck on the wrong road, stuck chasing price, again. It will end horribly for you, another failed price chase, followed by another session of massive loss-booking, from the fetal position.

10. Here’s how to prevent that horrific future from occurring: Get your hand off the gold bullion buy button. What are you doing? Just the fall into $1200 from $1266 caused massive loss-booking!

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