Police Fine & Threaten Jail For Feeding Homeless

Posted by Michael Campbell

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In something that is becoming far too familiar, this example of Bureaucracy gone wild is just so bizarre it will shock you.


Here is a news report about the Couple that was cited for feeding the homeless in Daytona Beach.

The news report:

Couple cited for homeless feedings in Daytona Beach

Recently, Daytona Beach police put a halt to the feedings by citing the couple with illegally feeding a crowd.

Debbie Jiminez said they have been feeding the homeless for at least a year and until now they’re never received a ticket or warning. But Police Chief Mike Chitwood told Eyewitness News that’s not the case.

“We’ve always enforced it. This got so big, it was posted on YouTube, it was really brought to our attention that, hey, things are really out of control on Manatee Island,” Chitwood said.

The city recently hired a consultant to analyze the homelessness issue and leaders are preparing to set up a possible transitional housing center near the county jail. The consultant told officials that feeding the homeless only adds to the problems, but Chico Jiminez and Debbie Jiminez feel they’re making things better.

“Most of them, they’re out there because they lost their jobs, lost their families and they’re out there homeless and they need help,” Chico Jiminez said.