Plain and Simple – This Has Proven to Be A Great Way To Make Money

Posted by Michael Campbell

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michaelcampbell3I want to take a few moments of your time to talk about making money. I appreciate that sounds a little blunt but let’s face it – the whole motivation for investing is to make money while managing risk.

And not to beat around the bush, we have done a heck of a good job of that on Money Talks – and especially at the World Outlook Conference. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say, you can’t afford to miss the advice we’ve given. For example, Keystocks Ryan Irvine’s 2009 World Outlook Small Cap Stock portfolio rose 60%. Their 2010 World Outlook portfolio has done even better with 9 out of 10 recommendations rising significantly – with Orvana Minerals leading the way being up over 199%.

Mark Leibovit, David Bensimon, Greg Weldon and Don Vialoux’s top recommendation in both 2009 and 2010 was silver and gold. In 2010 alone gold was up 29% while silver rose over 62%. And I might add that Polar Pacific’s Bensimon made clear that silver would outperform gold – (a point we have been making on MoneyTalks since November, 2008.)

In currencies, Black Swan Trading’s Jack Cook top choice was to go long the Singapore dollar and go short the Euro. He exited the trade in June of this year with an 18% gain in just under five months.

CIBC Wood Gundy’s Dunnery Best recommended 12 stocks and each is in positive territory with many trading over 30% higher since the World Outlook Conference.

For real estate investors, Ozzie Jurock was spot on in his call for a strong first quarter followed by a 10% to 15% correction.

The reason I am mentioning these examples is to reiterate our goal at the World Outlook Conference is to make you money. If you had just purchased 100 shares in each of Ryan Irvine’s Small Cap recommendations it would have cost you $2,435 and today it is worth $5,201. That gain alone pays for the conference more than 20 times over.

While last year’s performance is no guarantee of future success the results we have achieved over the years have not been by accident. Our analysts have been chosen precisely because they do have strong track records. No, they are not right every time but their uncanny ability to read the various investment markets while employing proven risk management techniques has clearly raised their probability of success dramatically.

Which, by the way, explains why if you were to personally book a single hour with any of them the cost would start at $3,700. Yet at the World Outlook Conference you can get access to them and get your individual questions answered for as little as $119.

I’m Really Excited About This Change
This years conference will be a little different. We will again feature the best analysts from North America detailing their current perspective and investment selection. We will also be featuring three must see all star panels dealing with outlook for currencies (especially the US and Canadian dollars), precious metals and the stock market. For example, our all star precious metals panel will feature Timer’s digest Gold Market Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit and David Bensimon of the award winning Polar Pacific Capital. Each panel will also finish with a Q & A session on the panel’s main focus. There is not another place in the country you can hear such highly regarded analysts in one venue.

In addition, I am really excited because for the first time we are offering break-out sessions on the most pressing Personal Finance issues. We have a variety of speakers addressing saving tens of thousands on your mortgage, proven tax techniques for saving money and how to profit using ETFs. I can’t emphasize how important these subjects are and how a little more knowledge can make a huge difference to your financial well being. I won’t elaborate further now but I believe that these sessions alone are worth the price of admission.

One More Thing
This year’s conference also features live from New York, renowned analyst Peter Schiff, who months in advance called the stock market and real estate market meltdowns. I’ll ask him what he sees coming for the markets, the dollar, interest rates and gold after yet another round of quantitative easing.

Dennis Gartman, arguably the world’s best known trader will join us live from Virginia to share his top money making ideas for 2011.

The bottom line is that we take your time and money seriously. With that in mind we have put together our best conference ever in the hope of making you a significant amount of money and just as importantly saving you money.

I promise it will be worth the time for anyone concerned about their personal finances and investment returns.


Michael Campbell,
Host of Money Talks


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