What Three Decades In and Around Wall Street Has Taught Me about Investing

Posted by Peter Grandich

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Horz cropped and compressed

Horz cropped and compressedYou’ve heard the old saying, if I only knew then what I know now? How true that really is. When I think of how I was promoted to head of investment strategy in 1987 with less than three years experience, I wonder how I managed. I spent most of my energies buying and selling stocks and foolishly believing I could continuously predict what the stock market would do, and I spent little time on learning and appreciating how money really works. It was not until I met Frank Congilose in 1998 that I was shown the real truth about money and that traditional financial planning, a process 98 percent of all investors employ (and one which is steered by “professional advisors”), is a horribly flawed process.

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