One’s Cautious One’s Bearish

Posted by Don Vialoux: Timing the Market & Comment by Mark Leibovit

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Mark Leibovit has changed his position in Stocks from this May 13th article “Bull Bull Bull” where Mark covers Stocks, Gold & Bonds:

Stocks – BEARby Mark Leibovit of VRTrader

With the exception Trading of a bounce into the Memorial Day holiday, technical and cyclical indicators are pointing south at this time, especially during the summer and possibly into the fall. Look at Goldman Sachs and the banking stocks! The XLF is flirting and about to break its 200 day moving average! I am not calling for a Bear market….

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The Bottom Line – by Don Vialoux of Timing the Market

‘Tis the season to be cautious! The period of seasonal strength for many sectors and markets recently has passed. Selected sectors such as gold and agriculture have a period of seasonal strength in summer, but timing for entry into these sectors is pre-mature. A possible upside opportunity in equity markets for the Memorial Day trade could appear next week, but most investors are unable or unwilling to make sufficient changes in their portfolio to take advantage. At best, Canadian investors should not sell Canadian equities prior to U.S. Memorial Day when Canadian equities have recorded one of their strongest daily gains in the year.

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