Nuking EU’s debt problems means “Currencies headed to dust”

Posted by Jim Sinclair via Gold Prices Newsletter

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The following is an excerpt from a missive that we received from Jim Sinclair this morning, who is the host of a web site called Jim Sinclair’s MineSet. He sums up the situation much better than we can so its well worth the time spent on reading what he has to say. The above link will take to his site and his updates via email are free so you have nothing to lose by signing up for them.

Here we go:

A nuclear solution to Europe’s debt problems is simply another way of saying “Quantitative Easing to Infinity.”

All national debt will be bailed out. All states of the USA will be bailed out.

Paper currencies are headed to dust.

Regardless of the first knee jerk market reaction, gold is going to $1650 and beyond due to nuclear suggestions of adding more debt to entities failing because of debt. This is the EU Helicopter Drop coming up.

Credit default swaps are herein called the “Wolfpack.” About that they are totally correct.

Now that they have challenged the “Wolfpack,” whatever additional funds might be required will have to be provided or the “Wolfpack” will slaughter the EU.

EU Preps Euro Fund to Fight ‘Wolfpack,’ Debt Crisis

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