Mike’s Goofy for June 2nd

Posted by Michael Campbell

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I’m just smiling thinking of the United Nations. Certain groups like to beat you over the head with the United Nations saying this isn’t sanctioned by the United Nations, or that isn’t sanctioned by the United Nations when it suits them. But man do they turn a blind eye with so much that happens with that organization.

The one I am referring to you may have heard this week, the UN World Tourism Organization, created in 1970 by a little tax free action in Madrid, is responsible for sustainable and universally accessible tourism. Well it announced last year that Zambia and Zimbabwe, in their words won the bid to host the 20th session of United Nations World Tourism General Assembly this coming year. This is unbelievable to me, but Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe was named the UN Tourism Ambassador. Now come on. Its really interesting to watch the UN try and backtrack. Is there anything to be said about this given the list of atrocities Mugabe has committed in his own country? Of all the people to represent International Tourism.

But Canada to our Credit has withdrawn from the UN World Tourism Office because of this recognition of Zimbabwe. Its astounding, this organization is so farcical at times. Much like when Muammar Gaddafi was the head of the UN Human Rights Commission.

So that’s my Goofy Award.