Master Chef: 11 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak At Home

Posted by Daniel Goodman - Business Insider

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Hot Summer Nights & Great Steaks! This master chef tells you exactly how to impress your stomach & guests…..

A Master Chef Shares 11 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak At Home


There is nothing better than a steak done the right way.

Earlier this year we met Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York, a classic American-style steakhouse, who shared some of his key grilling tips.

He showed us how to select the right piece of meat, how long to cook it for, and how to take care of your grill.

Chef Lomonaco walked us through some of the important terms and concepts you need to understand to cook delicious steaks right at home.

The terms “prime meat” and “dry-aged” really do matter when it comes to quality.


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