Market Update: Gold, Stock, Bonds Oil & US Dollar

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Precious Metals –  I awoke this morning to hear my wife tell me gold was over $1,500 and silver $44+. How do I feel about this? You can count on one or two hands at the most, the number of people who have remained credibly bullish from almost the lows of both metals. Yours truly will do a rare thing by patting his own back. It was not easy and it seemed those of us who did had to always defend our position all the way up versus those who were constantly wrong having to explain how they keep getting it wrong.

In a world where “what have you done for me lately” reigns, I will enjoy my hard fought gains in gold and silver through the holiday and speak more in-depth about gold and silver after. I do believe we’re getting close to a period that may see a significant correction/consolidation and hope to discuss this and more after the celebration of the Resurrection.


U.S. Stock Market – I said on Monday not to be surprised to see the market recover from the S & P downgrade news and as usual, the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd on Wall Street (and TOUT-TV) didn’t disappoint. Numerous emailers wrote urging me to finally remove my chicken feathers and short the market as the downgrade news had to be the death of the rally.

I remain in my chicken coop despite knowing this financial-heroin-driven market is going to end badly. Today and tomorrow just don’t seem to be the day to fly the coop.


U.S. Dollar – This song best describes the long-term future of this terminally-ill currency.


U.S. Bonds – The defying gravity act continues but Newton’s law shall one day rule again.


Oil and Gas – The Middle East factor continues to evolve and should remain an underlying major support for oil prices. The “Happy” crowd on Wall Street may discount oil’s impact but the average consumer has felt it right in the pocketbook. It will be interesting to see how they spin this into a good thing.

Natural gas remains in the early stage of a new bull market but, as noted previously, it should be a slow but steady progress theme as a very long base is built.


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