Market Musings and Data Deciphering

Posted by David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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In today’s issue of Breakfast with Dave HERE

• While you were sleeping – risk aversion trades are all of a sudden back on the front burner; Greek saga continues

• Recovery U.S.A.?

• U.S. corporate earnings: Actually less quality than meets the eye

• Forget the analyst estimates — looking back over 25 years, the consensus has been overly optimistic on earnings

• 12 things that could upset the apple cart — the dirty dozen

• Why do the homebuilders in the U.S. need to build?

• Some thoughts on the Bank of Canada — the futures market is pricing in 275bps of tightening from the BoC for 2010-2011; however, so long as inflation remains undercontrol, and the Fed stays on the sidelines, then this surely is going to be a truncated tightening cycle

… it all HERE