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Gold Chart August 12th 2010

U.S. Stock Market – Starting to see some serious long-term technical damage. Not surprised since my cyclical high for June/July has now passed. While I continue to not look for a melt-down, we finally have conditions set that can allow a very significant retreat. The economy is tanking again and with fall elections now becoming a daily topic, the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd appear out of bullets.

U.S. Bonds – While I wouldn’t touch any maturity over two years, I also wouldn’t go short any time soon.

Gold – What can I say that I haven’t said already? The belief we’re in the “mother” of all bull markets should be enough to know where I stand. The fact that I beg listeners when it comes to gold not to listen to people like “Tokyo Rose”. always wrong Kaplan, king flip-flopper Gartman, and one day I’ll be right Prechter, should be enough evidence that I remain a screaming bull on gold.

We’ll soon have seasonal weakness behind us and enjoying the two most favorable months for gold.

Gold Chart August 12th 2010

A close above $1,210 and then above $1,220 should remove all lingering technical concerns and set us up for a nice run-up this fall. Again, I remind you we’re in the “best ever” gold bull market in history.

U.S. Dollar – As noted last week, a countertrend rally from a very oversold condition has indeed occurred. But don’t blink as this is not some renewed dollar rally but just a blip up in a secular bear market.

I continue to have no interest long or short for oil and natural gas.

Ed Note: Peter talks about the “two most favorable Months for Gold”. You might also want to read this article on that subject – Gold: Best Months JUST Ahead!

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